Building a more just economy in Detroit.

Detroit Community Wealth Fund exists to empower innovative historically-marginalized Detroiters. We blend cooperative education and programming with non-extractive loans to support democratic businesses and community based organizations in Detroit.


Our Impact

The Detroit Community Wealth Fund provides financial resources and tailor made business support to to cooperatives, organizations, and community-based businesses. We believe in working with historically marginalized communities in Detroit that have been excluded from the current economic system. We provide non-extractive loans and work side by side with clients  throughout the entirety of the loan cycle. During this time we connect clients with technical support, including business development, financial feasibility, accounting and legal services. We believe in supporting the business to ensure its success.

We seek to support the creation of democratically-controlled businesses. We see democracy in the workplace as a powerful model that addresses concrete community needs and shares our vision of a transformed and equitable economy. We are part of an emerging national peer network of loan funds that aggregates non-exploitative financing to scale this work.

DCWF is also working to continue establishing a larger cooperative network and economy in Detroit. We will do this through our work with the Detroit Coalition for Economic Democracy


DCWF is a proud member of

The Seed Commons Community Wealth Cooperative


Locally rooted member loan funds

The Seed Commons is built on the bedrock of The Working World (TWW), replicating their model to scale impact. Since 2015, TWW has grown this network to train 28 organizations and establish 16 loan funds.


$7.8 Million

Invested nationwide

The Seed Commons channels investment to marginalized communities that have faced the brunt of the extractive economy, de-industrialization, and systemic discrimination, making community-controlled finance available to cooperatively-owned businesses that create jobs, build wealth, and challenge inequality.




We make local investments that serve people rather than extracting from them.


Our Programs

We are reimagining finance. Our role in social change work and movement work is to support building economically and socially sustainable groups. We focus on the concept of locally rooted, needs based businesses that are democratically controlled by the members. We strongly believe that a democratically controlled economy is the first step towards individual self determination and in building a more just and equitable society. We see our work in creating new economic systems that recenter workers and job creators, where everyone has a right to work for a living wage in a supportive work environment.

DCWF works to provide non-extractive loans, education, and business support services to cooperatives and democratically run projects in Detroit.

For more information on any of our programs, contact us.


Cooperative academy

DCWF offers a 10-week cooperative academy designed for groups to learn the essentials of business feasibiliy, planning, and development, as well as cooperative principles, values, components to member-ownership, and how to run a democratic business.

Non-extractive Lending

DCWF partners with cooperative businesses and organizations to provide loans. Our loans are non-extractive, which means that members of the co-op are not personally liable for the loans, and loans are only paid back as a percentage of profit.

Public education

DCWF partners with local organizations, and sometimes hosts, public events aimed at exploring and learning about coopertives, the history of cooperatives, and the benefits for co-ops and Black and Brown communities.

Technical Assistance

We love to support democratically owned and operatted businesses and organizations at any stage of development. We help connect groups with business professionals, and with other cooperatives across the country.


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