The 2018 Seed Commons Training at the Watershed Center, New York.

The 2018 Seed Commons Training at the Watershed Center, New York.

It all started in 2015 when…

… climate justice organizers from Detroit met with The Working World to discuss starting a non-extractive loan fund to support cooperatives in Detroit. DCWF was going to be a member of the then emerging Seed Commons Community Wealth Cooperative.

In 2016, the group became an official non-profit. They named themselves Detroit Community Wealth Fund, and began building a strategic plan for supporting grassroots projects that desired to become cooperative enterprises.

In fall 2017, we distributed our first loan to a Latina worker-owned cleaning cooperative. We also launched a co-op education potluck series and founded the Detroit Coalition for Economic Democracy.

In spring 2018, we started to support a 7 member historic preservation cooperative in Detroit, they are set to receive a loan in Spring 2019. In 2018 we met with over 40 groups in Detroit demonstrating the demand for more learning and support for cooperative businesses. Also in 2018, we received a grant to have one full time worker for the first time.

In January 2019 we have on boarded 8 new board members, launched 2 co-op academies. We gave two loans to Building Cooperatively, a historic restoration and construction co-op and have several more projects in development.